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Used Unilumin LED Screen UGMⅡ Series panels

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Used Unilumin LED Screen, a cost-effective rental solution for your event
We have long term inventory of P2.6, P2.9, P3.91, P4.81

Convenient Click-Lock Design For Effortless Installation

Single-person Installation


Customizable, Innovative Curved Design

UGM Ⅱ supports arc cabinet customization, and arc splicing has 45° and 180°. Each perfect angle can be set quickly and easily without destroying the overall design.

Convenient Click-lock Design for Effortless InstallationFearless of Any Collision with Super ProtectionCreative Design for Multi-angle Installation StyleSlimmer, Supreme Minimalist Appearance

Creative Design For Multi-Angle Installation Style

UGM Ⅱ series can be applied to three installation scenarios with one cabinet. By supporting the installation of flat screen, 90° right angle screen and cube screen, it provides unlimited flexibility of scenarios and creates ideal display space.

 The upper and lower locks, left and right locks of UGMⅡ-45 cabinet can be disassembled, which can easily realize the quick transformation between normal cabinet and creative cabinet. The top and side edges of the cabinet are designed with auxiliary magnets, which makes the installation easier.

Advanced Shared Backup To Minimize Downtime

UGM Ⅱ series adopts advanced shared backup (ABS) technology, which effectively reduces the risk of black screen when the power supply, power cable and power plug fail, and maximizes the stability of the screen.

Slimmer, Supreme Minimalist Appearance

UGMⅡ is the second generation of the brand-new and minimalist rental screen, which adopts simple vertical stripe elements. The lock is simple with practicality and strong operability. It integrates beauty and convenience. Containers of the same size can load more UGMⅡ cabinets, which is more cost-effective than similar products in the market.

Practical, Simple User-Level Maintenance

The module adopts rear maintenance design, the power cabinet can be remove independently, and the design of large handle and power cable support makes maintenance more convenient and brings better use experience.

Application scenario



Sports activities

TV studio