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Write down the promise, practice it, don’t worry about after-sales

Choose LED Display

Picking a batch of good LED Display is the most important step

Clean & Check

Clean up, wipe dust, and check for missing items


Fully replace failed lamp beads, damaged masks, damaged chips, inoperative receiving cards, power, aviation plugs, etc.

Optical Calibration

Use the correction system to perform chromaticity correction on the screen to get a screen with better color consistency

Our Product


140sqm Dicolor P4.81 outdoor used led screen

400sqm P4.81 outdoor new led screen

lightlink-4.81-back view-130sqm

130sqm Lightlink P4.81 outdoor used led screen

gloshine-4.81--back view-60sqm

150sqm Gloshine P4.81 outdoor used led screen

300sqm Unilumin P3.91 outdoor led screen

Lightlink-P3.91-back view-170sqm

170sqm Lightlink P3.91 indoor used led screen

the LED Screen reached Switzerland today undamaged, the screen works perfect and its compatible with our existing moduls. Thank you for the great cooperation. It was very pleasant doing business with you. Greetings from Switzerland 

Michelle Harmington

Happy client

Why Choose Us

Optical Correction Comparison

Before-calibrationP4.81 outdoor led screen (4)


Don’t make promises easily, once you make a promise, you must do your best


Responsible for customers, responsible for the company, responsible for the product


Originated from the brand, it guarantees the basic quality, refuses color deviation, and refuses dark diseases.


Carefully recheck all screens with a focus on electrical safety, installation safety

Perfection In Every Step We Take

Every step is done with heart, although it is cumbersome, but we all pursue perfection

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