Professional used screen supplier

We recycle the screens of more than 10 famous companies, then repair, test, and deliver qualified products to you..

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Application places

The installation of led rental display is convenient and quick, and the display is quickly spliced between the cabinets. It is mainly used for stage, wedding venues, large shopping malls, hotels and other short-term display occasions..

Due to the influence of global COVID-19, our company deals with Absen, Unilumin, Gloshine, Lightlink, Dicolor, Infiled... for 10 brand of used LED screens.

Why choose us

If you’re in this business to make money, new products are nice, but second hand products are great! You’ll get more high quality products and pay less. This way you can sit down and relax knowing you’ve got a great return on your investment..

to provide customers with quality products and services.