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Our job is to repair dead LED and ensure that all LEDs are 100% working before shipping

Yes, we have included the flight case, butterfly lock, screws, all power and signal cables. If we are missing some parts when collecting, we will also purchase new parts to replace them so that you receive a complete system

Our collection of used screens are from famous LED manufacturers, such as Unilumin, Absen, Gloshine, LightLink, Dicolor and more than 10 brands of used LED displays. The quality of big brands is always trustworthy

Our delivery time is about 3-7 days

Yes, we will prepare some spare parts according to your order quantity, such as: power supply, receiving card, mask, LED, IC, etc. If you want more spare parts we can also buy

Not yet. Our warehouses are all in shenzhen, China, because we need to repair LEDs, not just sell used screens

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