How is a used led screen created?

Why are there different prices for used screens?

How is a used led screen created?

When the term “used led screen” comes up, many people will have a lot of different emotions. As a quality oriented led display manufacturer, we have an obligation to let our customers know about this.

Used led screens also have a share in the market. Many customers and specific environments use used led displays. It is more appropriate to save money and use it for a period of time. Therefore, the existence of used led displays is quite normal.

The important point to note here is that we must know whether we are buying a used led display or a brand new one. The customer must also have some ability to recognize it. Don’t let people have the opportunity to take advantage of it.

1. Used led display for LED

The service life of a brand new led display is generally 5-10 years, this time is not short, this time will happen a lot of changes, such as demolition, relocation, and new replacement will make the original still in normal use led display into a used led display. For example, a certain led display has been in use for 3 years. Using it is still normal. After receiving a request for a large screen or HD screen, the original screen is either reinstalled elsewhere or turned into a used led display, there are special recycling and resale in the market, in order to reduce costs, the original led display as a used led display sold to others is also the most appropriate display.

2. Used led display for retrofit

Different chips of led display will appear after using for a period of time with different degrees of flower screen and mosaic phenomenon. This is due to the inconsistent led light attenuation in some areas, the use of correction technology can effectively adjust the brightness of different light points of the led display. The same level, let the led display return to the perfect display effect, we can also turn this process into the transformation of the led display old screen. This is what we have been doing at jetstarLED

Here, we have chosen a led display that has been in use for more than 4 years to be retrofitted. First of all, after repairing the bad module and blind spot, we use ultra-high precision point-by-point correction equipment to collect the brightness data of the led display, then use the point correction software to analyze and process the brightness data, and finally write the corrected data into the control system.

After this series of processing, the original color difference is very serious, led display instantly becomes very beautiful. It seems to have bought a brand new led display. Are you surprised? Many led display users are using correction technology

The lack of understanding has led to many led displays being laid off early. Whether the led display is scrapped or recycled, it requires a lot of capital investment, and the emergence of point-by-point correction technology just allows most led display users to achieve the purpose of less investment and high returns, and the corrected led display can also continue to use, which is also practicing a low-carbon initiative environmental protection.

3. Why does the led display need to be refurbished?

Due to the characteristics of led light-emitting chip and manufacturing process, led display light uniformity has been the industry is difficult to solve the problem; more is due to discrete chip aging and other reasons, many have been used for two or three years. led display screen showing spots, color block, mosaic and other serious “flower screen” phenomenon. That is why the need for correction technology

4. What kind of led display can be refurbished?

Of course, not all led screens can be corrected point by point. For example, large dead lights and power supply failure and other problems caused by the screen can not be lit properly. If you encounter these problems, you must first fix the point of failure. Only then can the old screen be refurbished.

5. How to refurbish led display?

To refurbish the old screen, you need to repair the fault point and clean the whole screen to ensure that the led display is kept in the best condition before you can start the point by point correction. Point by point correction refers to optical instruments to collect the led display brightness (or chromaticity) data of each lamp, through the correction software for scientific analysis and calculation, and the corrected data will be written into the control system to achieve the led display brightness (chromaticity) unified processing.

The corrected led display brightness difference can be kept within 3% and chromaticity difference within 0.003. The corrected led display can see obvious improvement effect, of course, it will also face a certain degree of brightness loss, depending on whether the quality of the led display disappears.

Whether it is a used screen or a new screen, the use process needs to be protected for a longer life. Jetstar LED offers you used screens with good quality and good price. Allowing you to purchase the maximum number of screens on a limited budget.

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